Zahdan technologies, part of the Zahdan Group and Hashoo family was established in 2005. From inception, our goal has been to lead the way in bringing innovative technology to the region. Our focus has always been on technologies that make a real difference in the lives of our customers whether on a business or personal level. We have invested in establishing key strategic alliances with best in class technology and service providers that bring real change to the way people carry out their daily activities. We are always looking to create advantage for our customers and have built solid business relationships with an impressive client list through a focus on creating as seamless an engagement as possible with the technological advancements we introduce them to.

From the outset, Zahdan Technologies has developed unique skills by concentrating exclusively on the requirements of people wishing to embrace the globalized business environment. As a franchise partner of pioneering brands around the globe, Zahdan Technologies has increasingly become the partner of choice to deliver convenient and state of the art technology built on an open and extendable Service Delivery Platform that fully leverages its customers’ investments in next generation services.

We operate the premium online B2B e-marketplace which is the leading international provider of Supply Management Excellence, delivered through software, professional services and category expertise, with a mission to generate value by supporting its clients in the improvement of procurement processes. Its motive is to be the Future of Commerce in Pakistan by being the single point of trade for Pakistani Businesses, not only locally but across the globe.

We have also partnered with Rising Sun to bring a full e-commerce payments network infrastructure to the country and provide all aspects of the payment eco system from Gateways to Settlement as stand- alone solutions.

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