The web based P2P solution is a web based application specifically designed to assist your organization meet strategic objectives while also delivering the keys to unlock Operational Efficiencies and Organizational Control. An extensive set of reporting tools for Procurement Professionals delivers powerful analysis and reporting capabilities for integrity, transparency and auditing requirements.

Web based P2P reduces costs by providing fast, controlled online access to key procurement functions, and delivers timely budgetary control over expenditure. It discourages off‐contract or maverick buying and consolidates best procurement practices.

Integration with Financials systems ensures complete support for the purchase‐to‐pay process. It provides real‐time Account validation and a level of security that is simply not available with a standalone system. It ensures that only authorized personnel can make purchases against a particular account code, department, or project. It also makes it easy to implement and operate commitment accounting, thus providing real‐time control over expenditure.

Project Description

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Progressively impact synergistic paradigms vis-a-vis granular e-markets. Continually promote principle-centered methods of empowerment without cost effective action items. Seamlessly network world-class e-markets whereas parallel strategic theme areas.

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Date December 02, 2014
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