The Tender Management module is a powerful end to end procurement process management system that provides a secure, compliant sourcing and automated analysis solution.

Tejari’s Tender Management is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), negating the need for any costly IT implementation projects. Supporting add-in modules include Programme, Vendor, Relationship, Evaluation, and Contract Management.

Tejari has a wealth of experience in delivering effective sourcing solutions to both private and public sector. Our local team can deliver detailed presentations and in-depth demonstrations of our solution, sharing best practices and experiences and in turn help to build your business case for your organization

Features & functionality

  • Electronic Expressions of Interest
  • Electronic, standardized RFIs combined with auto-scored, scenario based response analysis
  • Electronic RFPs with auto-scoring and stakeholder evaluation for insertion of scoring and comments
  • Category / organization specific templates
  • Qualification stages and rounds to pre-qualify approved suppliers and down-select rejected suppliers
  • Approval levels / process flow
  • Mandatory questions to drive robust responses
  • Electronic opening process (individual or committee) with full audit trail and reporting
  • Automated supplier shortlisting, scoring and ranking
  • Advanced commercial response and analysis of complex pricing matrices
  • Integrated with Electronic Auctions, Reporting, Advertising, Vendor, Relationship and Contract Management
  • Secure messaging and document storage tools and supplier tracking
  • Supplier debriefing
  • Fully branded portal
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Technical and process support
  • Blended learning programmes for your buying team: classroom training, online training and certification programmes are available
  • Buyer and supply help desk service.


Why use Tender Management?

The Tendering module enables procurement organisations to source suppliers, conduct sourcing events and evaluate goods, works and services using a secure web based service. This in turn helps to improve efficiency, increase productivity and auditability in addition to lowering the costs for suppliers in doing business.

Project Description

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Synergistically supply global testing procedures through ethical scenarios. Assertively develop empowered customer service and sticeadership.Enthusiastically parallel task principle-centered portals via multimedia based scenarios.

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Client Themeforest
Date December 02, 2014
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