Every category your company sources is different. Most are relatively straightforward, some are rather difficult, and a few large, complicated categories lock up savings potential that is very hard to access. Just as you have found that not all categories can be addressed with the same sourcing technique, not all tools are equipped to address the unique needs of each category or sourcing approach, either.

Your organisation can’t afford to leave savings from any of these categories on the table: you are in constant pursuit of a set of processes and tools that will support your team in finding the best way to approach each of your sourcing categories.

Addressing a sourcing category is in some ways like working a puzzle cube. In many cases, solving one ‘face’ of the cube, or one component of the sourcing puzzle – usually price – is all that you need to meet the requirements of the category. In somewhat more complicated categories, perhaps there are two or three dimensions you need to address – say price and quality. And in your largest, most strategic categories, you need a sourcing approach that gathers the right information and supports analysis and decision making to solve the entire puzzle – cost, risk, quality, service levels, delivery, and so on.

With Tejari Pakistan, you’ll find a partner prepared to help you build a process to identify the right approach to each of your sourcing categories, and a technology provider who has the robust, industry-leading1 tools to support your categories at any level of complexity.

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